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Flu Vaccine- Get your flu vaccine!

IMPORTANT: It’s almost time to renew your Medi-Cal coverage. You will get a letter in the mail that tells you if your Medi-Cal was renewed automatically by the county or if your county needs more information. If you receive a renewal packet or a notice asking for more information, please visit for the next steps.

California residents: Click here for the most up to date information in your area.

Texas residents: Click here for the most up to date information in your area.

As your medical group, Prospect Medical/ProMed Health’s main concern is your health and safety.  Throughout the challenges of COVID-19 we will be communicating with your doctor(s), hospitals, and health plan. It is important that we can communicate directly, and quickly, with you as well.  Prospect Medical/ProMed Health and our affiliated medical groups are encouraging you to stay connected by signing up for our electronic communications. By opting to receive electronic communications, you can stay current and up to date with the latest healthcare news on:

  • COVID-19 Testing
  • Getting the Vaccine
  • Symptoms to Look For and Early Warning Signs
  • What to Do If I Get Sick
  • Getting My Medication
  • Working with My Primary Care Doctor / PCP
  • Telehealth and Virtual Care Appointments
  • Urgent Care Visits and Emergency Services
  • Latest Benefit Information and Resources for Obtaining Care

Below are some of the latest communications that we have sent out.  If you’d like to stay connected and receive these messages sooner, please opt-in by sending your name and member ID number to


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Member Focus COVID and Face Masks

COVID-19 FAQs and telehealth information