Prospect Medical Group Membership Benefits in Southern CA

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IMPORTANT: It’s almost time to renew your Medi-Cal coverage. You will get a letter in the mail that tells you if your Medi-Cal was renewed automatically by the county or if your county needs more information. If you receive a renewal packet or a notice asking for more information, please visit for the next steps.

How to Access Care

Prospect Medical's provider network is a combination of primary care and specialty physicians, urgent care centers, hospitals and other healthcare providers that work together to provide our members with quality, accessible healthcare.

Primary Care Provider (PCP)

Your PCP is the main doctor you will see for check-ups and routine care to keep you healthy. Your PCP works with you and Prospect Medical Group as part of your team to help coordinate your healthcare services, which may include specialist referrals, lab tests, outpatient referrals or services, medical supply requests, and/or any other healthcare services necessary for your care.

If at any time you would like to choose a new PCP or would like guidance selecting a PCP, you can do so by calling us at (800) 708-3230. You can also search for providers by using our Physician Finder search tool. You can use the convenient online Patient Neighborhood.

We suggest the following next steps for new members:


  • Make Time to Read Your New Member Welcome Packet—Our health plan will send you a New Member Packet. This is a helpful guide and will give you more tips on how to access your healthcare.
  • Make an Appointment With Your PCP—Once you have chosen your PCP, you should call to make an appointment. This first visit will help you get to know your doctor and your doctor to get to know you.
  • Seeing a Specialist—Call your PCP and make an appointment. If your PCP agrees that you need to see a specialist, a referral will be created and sent to Prospect Medical for review.
  • Join our Engagement Channel for healthcare updates - Prospect Medical has a new member communication messaging channel that you can view on your smart phone. You may receive a text message from your Medical Group asking you to click a link that will take you to your personalized healthcare channel. Our goal is to keep you updated with important health information that is custom to you. If you do not receive a welcome text message, or would like to join the communication channel, please reach out to our customer service representatives - call (800) 708 - 3230, Monday - Friday between 8AM - 5PM or email us directly.
Member Engagement Channel Process

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To reach our customer service representatives, call (800) 708-3230 Monday-Friday between
8 a.m.-5 p.m. or email us.

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