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Prospect's Message of Hope for Healthier Tomorrows

Prospect Medical and Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan provides you with health education programs, materials, and other resources that can help our members stay healthy and manage their chronic conditions.

Mandated Health Education Materials:

Providers can meet state health education requirements by giving members materials on state-mandated health education topics. Many of these materials are available in languages other than English, and are available in alternative formats (audio, braille, large print).

Please visit: Health Education Materials in State Mandated Health Topics to download and print these documents directly. 

Health Education Programs:

Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan has health education programs exclusively for BSP members. Programs are offered in one or more of the following formats: in-person, telephone, on-line (on-demand virtual classes or workshops), and via phone applications (iOS and Android). In addition to English, several programs are also offered in Spanish, Cantonese, and Mandarin.

Health education topics available in July, August, and Sept. of 2022 from the following programs:

  • Diabetes prevention (Diabetes Prevention Program)
  • Diabetes self-management (BSP Educator Program)
  • Exercise and fall prevention for seniors (Silver Sneakers Program)
  • Healthy eating, stress management, and smoking cessation (Wellvolution Program)
  • Healthy pregnancy (Due Date Plus Program)
  • Heart Health (BSP Educator Program)
  • Improve Your Memory (BSP Educator Program)

For instructions on how to access these health education programs and details on member participation restrictions, please download the following guide:  BSP-CA Health Education Programs

Blue Shield California Promise also offers Population Health Management Programs for members with certain chronic conditions and individual telephone counseling with a Health Educator. To make an appointment to speak with a Health Educator, please have members call the Customer Care toll-free number printed on their BSC Promise member ID Card.  

You will receive updates on the latest available health education programs in our Prospect Medical Provider Education bulletins faxed by the Network Management Department. If you cannot locate an appropriate class for a member, or need additional help, please submit the Health Education Class Referral to Prospect Medical’s Population Health Program. 

Member Health Assessments

Completing a timely Initial Health Assessment (IHA) and the Staying Healthy Assessment (SHA) provides an opportunity for members to establish a relationship with their primary care physician (PCP) and can led to positive health outcomes.  Please visit Health Assessment Guides to learn more about: 

  •  The IHA procedures, guidelines, and documentation 
  •  The SHA- Department of Health Care Services (DHCS) guidelines.

Community Programs and Services:

Community programs and services are available at no cost to members. These programs and services go beyond health education classes and can include, but are not limited to, Domestic Violence, Parenting, Support groups, Adoption Services, Family Counseling, and more. Please visit the following Blue Shield of California Promise Health Plan site and scroll down to Community programs and services for more information on programs located in Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego County.