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Navigating Non-Traditional Fitness

Group doing yoga

These days there are studios popping up on every corner for any class imaginable! There’s yoga, zumba, cycling, boxing, ballet barre and so many more.  So how do you know what to expect when you walk into any of these boutique studios? Here are some great starting pointers to help you navigate the world of non-traditional gyms.

  1. Call ahead of time or go online.  Many of these studios require you to reserve a space ahead of time in order to secure a spot.  Check with the gym to see if they require you to sign in ahead of time and make sure to do so. (Note: also check their cancellation and no-show policy.)

  2. Show up at least 15 minutes ahead of class.  Many studios have different set-up rules and it’s always good to come a little early, check out the area and acquaint yourself with the facilities.  (It’s also a great way to meet other students and make new friends)

  3. Let the instructor know you are new or if you have any injuries that may impair you.  This way they can modify things for you and give you that extra attention in case you need any assistance.

  4. Bring your own equipment if necessary.  This could mean: towel, water, yoga mat, specific shoes, or any other gear for that class.  Many studios sell or rent equipment, but it’s usually best to come prepared.

  5. Be respectful.  Be aware of other’s personal space and attention.  THis means don’t be on your cell phone in class or talk loudly to other students.  Remember everyone came here for a WORK-OUT not a social hour. For many people this is the only exercise time they get in their busy days, so be respectful of that and allow them to get their best workout as well!