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Minimalism: A Meaningful Life with Less

Minimalism: A Meaningful Life with Less

Minimalism goes far beyond decluttering your home and getting rid of stuff. Yes, an important part of minimalism is decluttering the excess from your life, but the overall change minimalism creates in your life goes much deeper. It shifts the very way you live.


Minimalism provides the time, space, and freedom to create a life with intention, a life in which you choose what is allowed to take up your time and your space. Minimalism gives you the opportunity to create and live a life filled with meaning and purpose.


These are ways minimalism allows you to create a more intentional and meaningful life:

Helps to clarify what is most important to you.

The whole concept of minimalism is deciding what tangible and intangible things are most important and valuable to you. By doing this, minimalism helps to clarify your values, goals, and what is truly important to you.


You decide what fills your time, space, and life.

When you embrace this lifestyle, you become more intentional about what you allow to stay in your life. You choose the things and activities that add value to your life and are important to you.

Gives you more time and energy to be present in your life.

Excess clutter in your home requires a lot of energy and time to manage, including shopping for it, cleaning it up, organizing it, and maintaining it. Embracing minimalism removes the clutter and excess from your life, so less time is spent managing the things you own. The free time and energy allows you to be present in your life and intentional with what you allow to fill up your time, space, and energy.


The same principle of decluttering applies to your schedule. If you’re constantly running from one commitment to the next, it's difficult to be present and mindful. Applying minimalist ideas to your schedule means only keeping the activities and commitments that add value to your life, are important to you, and align with your goals. You then become intentional with how you spend your time, giving you the opportunity to stay present and live mindfully.


Gives you more freedom to focus on what you care about most.

Intentionally choosing to own less and do less, gives you the time, space, energy, and the freedom to focus on what is most important to you. Managing excess and unneeded stuff no longer monopolizes your time. You also become more intentional about what you allow to fill your schedule. By removing the distractions and the excess, you have the freedom to focus on what’s most important to you.


Helps you cultivate gratitude for everything that fills your life.

Minimalism teaches you to decide what is most important in your life. It then empowers you to get rid of what is not important or distracting you from what is important. When you are left with only things you value, you begin to appreciate and feel more gratitude for what you have allowed to stay in your life.

By removing the excess and the distractions, you create space to feel grateful for what you have. The lifestyle of minimalism and the feeling of gratitude shift your focus from what you don’t have or wish you had to what you do have. Minimalism helps you truly see and appreciate how little you actually need to have a full, complete, and happy life.