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How to Stay Active on Summer Vacation

Hiker on a mountain

Just because you are on summer vacation doesn’t mean you have to lay around in the sun all day being lazy. There are so many fun summer activities to burn off those extra ice cream calories! Here are a few ideas to try whether you are staying home or taking a trip.

  1. Go for a swim! Swimming is an excellent cardiovascular exercise any time of year, but when the weather is hot, it's also a great way to stay cool. You can swim in a pool, lake, or ocean to get a workout. Playing games in the water is also a fun way to stay active. Think pool volleyball or water polo.

  2. Take a bike ride. Riding a bike is another cardiovascular activity that can also be social.  Go for a family bike ride and check out new scenery. Whether mountain biking or on the road, getting a good workout while exploring new territory is fun.

  3. Go for a hike. Another fantastic way to explore a vacation destination is on foot. Walking around new cities, neighborhoods, or trails lets you see more than you would in a car.  So bring your walking shoes and hit the road to adventure.

  4. Go kayaking or try stand up paddleboarding. Many beaches and lakes offer paddleboard and kayak rentals. Depending on how hard you paddle, kayaking can be a challenging upper body workout. Stand up paddleboarding has been growing in popularity because it is excellent for balance training and working your core .

  5. Play sports. Grab a soccer ball, football, tennis ball, or any other sports equipment you enjoy playing with and gather the family and friends for a friendly game. Sports are definitely a good workout and super social.  

  6. Do some yoga. Even vacation can be stressful at times, so it is still important to find ways to stretch and relax. Yoga is perfect because you gain flexibility in your body (especially after traveling) and calmness in your mind. All you need is a mat or towel and you’re set!