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Message to Our Providers and their Alignment Healthcare Patients


Recent events may impact your patients’ medical care.


Unfortunately, Prospect Medical is in a contractual dispute with Alignment Healthcare. You may have received inaccurate, misleading communications from the health plan.

To help alleviate your concerns and provide accurate information, we are posting this memo to assist you.  Our physicians remain contracted with Prospect Medical. In order to avoid disruptions accessing care from our physicians, hospitals and facilities, you may need to enroll in another health plan. Enrollment in a new health plan can become effective under Prospect, as early as January 1, 2020.

To ensure you remain with your Prospect Primary Care Physician (PCP) and to ensure continuity of care with the Prospect healthcare network, you may select from the following Medicare Advantage insurance plans:

Anthem Blue Cross

Blue Shield

Health Net



United Health Care; or


Even if Alignment has already switched you to another physician or IPA, you can be reassigned to your Prospect physician and Prospect Medical by quickly selecting another health plan.

If you are working with an enrollment agent, you may contact that agent directly to continue care with your Prospect physicians under another Medicare Advantage health plan.

Should you need assistance, you may also contact Prospect Medical Concierge Line at 877-619-5900.

It is unfortunate that Alignment Healthcare may be issuing false information. We understand this may be confusing and are here to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your healthcare services.