Prospect Medical Group was formed in 1985—thanks to a small group of physicians in northern Orange County who shared a passion for delivering quality healthcare. What was true 30 years ago remains just as true today: Prospect places an emphasis on delivering exceptional medical care, helps members get maximum value from their insurance coverage, and offers exclusive services to its members.

Established in 1995, Prospect Medical Systems, the group's management service organization, was created to develop, implement and manage a full range of services designed to simplify the relationship between doctor and patient. The following year, Prospect Medical Holdings was formed as the parent company of Prospect Medical Systems. This has enabled Prospect Medical Group to grow the number of providers and services that we offer our patients.

Today, Prospect Medical Group is made up of more than 600 primary care physicians and more than 1,000 specialists, and is affiliated with some of the best hospitals in Orange County.