2012-05-29 - Prospect receives top quality award at CAPG

Prospect Medical Group, Inc. is proud to announce that it achieved Elite status in the California Association of Physician Groups' (CAPG) Standards of Excellence Scores for 2012. CAPG annually assesses and publicly reports the key features and capabilities of coordinated, accountable healthcare organizations to bring both quality and affordability to patients. The scoring is based on rigorous standards of measurement in the following domains:
1. Care Management - inpatient and outpatient systems to support our physicians and patients to achieve reliability, safety, continuity, and affordability
2. Health IT - the essential tools to offer timely decision support, consistency in preventive and chronic care, population awareness, and feedback to doctors for improvement
3. Accountability and Transparency - our willingness to measure and report our work in public, share meaningful feedback with our frontline physicians, plus comply with stringent fiscal responsibility regulations of the State of California...and welcome the advent of national healthcare reform
4. Patient Centered Care - features to accommodate individualized patient needs and preferences, embracing our responsible role in a culturally diverse community

"We are proud to be recognized by our peers for our dedication to quality health care for the communities that we serve. Our physicians and the Prospect management team have worked hard to be among the top medical groups in California" said Dr. Mitchell Lew, CEO of Prospect Medical.

Prospect Medical Group is very proud to have received Elite status and will continue to provide the highest quality healthcare to our members and the most advanced healthcare tools for our providers. The 2012 survey instrument and reports are posted on www.capg.org.