2010-10-01 - Prospect Medical receives awards at Integrated Healthcare Association Annual Stakeholders meeting for Quality Initiatives.

Prospect Medical received 14 Certificates for Outstanding Performance at the recent Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) meeting held in Los Angeles on Sept 22, 2010. IHA, and its stakeholder partners, recognized all 7 Prospect Medical Group networks who earned full credit for both the Pay-for-Performance Coordinated Diabetes Care domain and full credit for IT-Enabled Systemness for measurement year 2009.

The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) is a statewide leadership group that promotes quality improvement, accountability, and affordability of health care in California. IHA membership includes major health plans, physician groups, and hospital systems, plus academic, consumer, purchaser, pharmaceutical and technology representatives. The IHA's principal projects include pay-for-performance, medical technology assessment and purchasing, the measurement and reward of efficiency in health care, and prevention programs directed at obesity.

IHA's mission is to create breakthrough improvements in health care services for Californians through collaboration among key stakeholders.