2010-10-12 - Prospect Medical would like to remind our members of important changes occurring with Medicare Advantage.

What is happening?
The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have made changes on how senior members sign up for health plans during this year's open enrollment period.

What is changing?

You will only have one chance to change or select your Medicare Advantage plans this year. Between November 15th and December 31st you will have the option to select a new Medicare Advantage plan. After January 1, you will be locked into the plan you selected during open enrollment for the entire 2011 year.

Senior members will be allowed to disenroll from a Medicare Advantage plan between January 1 and February 15th. If you disenroll you will only be able to select standard Medicare coverage and a stand-alone Part D Drug Plan.

Now is the time to evaluate and research the health plans that best fit your healthcare needs. You can visit http://www.medicare.gov to learn more about health and drug plans and to view comparisons.

What if I still need help?
For additional information on 2011 benefits for all contracted Medicare Advantage plans, please contact
Jeanette Cruz, Director of Business Development at: 714.796.5912 to schedule an in-service.